Raw Juice for Offices, Restaurants and Events

You wouldn't know it by looking in the produce aisle but most produce has a short and specific harvest season, and that's why our raw juices change daily. We get pallets of fruit and veggies everyday, build recipes based off of what's in our fridges in the afternoon, and press fresh juice every night. You may not know exactly what's coming to you everyday but that's because you're helping us fight food waste. Enjoy our daily varieties of fruit, root, and green juices, as well as our wild health shots!


Office, Cafe and Restaurant Catering

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We stock office fridges and provide juice to restaurants and cafes around the Bay Area.

Here's why people love Good Use:

  • Affordable

  • Good Use handles all delivery and stocking

  • Customizable Packages

  • Discounted Trial Month

  • Healthy, sustainable products

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Event Catering

Ugly mimosas anyone?

If you have a meeting, a happy hour, or party you need juice for, Good Use is here for you. Send us an email and we’ll get back to you shortly!