How We Do It


It all begins with ugly produce.

We collect aesthetically disadvantaged produce from local farms and wholesalers.

Then we cold-press it in San Francisco.

Our juicers create new, fun recipes with seasonal and ugly produce. Some of our juices are kept raw, while others are cold-pressured to increase shelf life.

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Our bike couriers hit the streets.

If you’re in SF, chances are, your juice was delivered by bike courier. We deliver raw juice to offices and events and cold-pressured juice to awesome retail partners!


People like you enjoy the juice!

Whether you’re drinking Good Use Ugly Juice in the office or picking one up at your local market, we can assure you that you’ll love it!


Cold Processing

We love raw juice, but unless you can drink it within a few days, it too becomes food waste. We wanted to find the healthiest, most efficient way to pasteurize our juice, and decided on high pressure processing (also known as HPP), which kills off microbes in our juice while keeping all the nourishing benefits of raw juice.

Basically, cold-processing kills all the bad stuff and keeps all the good stuff. Learn more about high-pressure processing at

Find Our Cold-Processed Juice in a store near you.