Ugly Sourcing

Throwing away good food doesn't just mean that it can't be consumed by people, it also means all it's inputs were wasted, too. Every year 2030 trillion Btus worth of energy are lost due to food waste. All that wasted energy could have been put to a different use, or conserved all together, meaning fewer fossil fuels burned and pollution emitted. And it doesn't stop there. Food breaks down anaerobically in landfills, which means methane is released into the atmosphere; 3.3 gigatonnes of green house gas equivalents, to be exact. Methane is 25 times more impactful to the climate change than carbon dioxide. When you drink a Good Use ugly juice you're saving wasted inputs and avoiding further negative consequences of food waste.

How it all began…


It all begins with ugly produce.

We collect aesthetically disadvantaged produce from local farms and wholesalers.

Then we cold-press it in San Francisco.

Our juicers create new, fun recipes with seasonal and ugly produce. Some of our juices are kept raw, while others are cold-pressured to increase shelf life.

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Our bike couriers hit the streets.

If you’re in SF, chances are, your juice was delivered by bike courier. We deliver raw juice to offices and events and cold-pressured juice to awesome retail partners!


People like you enjoy the juice!

Whether you’re drinking Good Use Ugly Juice in the office or picking one up at your local market, we can assure you that you’ll love it!


Cold Processing

We love our raw juice, but unless you can drink it within a few days of cold-pressing, it too becomes food waste. When we started exploring ways to extend the shelf life of our delicious juices we found out that a lot of traditional processing techniques, like pasteurization, damage the healthy vitamins and nutrients we love most. When vitamins and nutrients get hot they lose their healthy properties and pasteurization requires juice to be taken up to almost a boil. When we learned about cold-processing, also known as high pressure processing, which kills off microbes in our juice that shorten shelf life, but keeps all the nourishing benefits of raw juice, we knew it was the method for us! Instead of increasing the temperature of our juice, cold-processing raises the pressure around the juice, killing all the bad stuff and keeping the good stuff. Try our new line of cold processed juices at a grocery store near you, or get one delivered in your next Imperfect Produce box!

Learn more about Good Use’s mission here.

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