About Us

We started Good Use in 2016 with one goal: to improve the health of people and the planet. 

Founded by a first-generation immigrant who was raised without the luxury of wasting food for minor cosmetic reasons, the concept was simple: turn fruits and vegetables that would normally get thrown away into something nutritious and affordable. Ugly Juice was born. We spent four years sourcing and scaling a supply chain of fruits and vegetables rejected by traditional buyers because it is too “ugly” due to its shape, size, or color. Then, we cold-pressed this rejected produce into low-cost, nutrient-rich juices and delivered them by bike across the Bay Area. 

Ugly Juice became Good Use as we planned to expand to other CPGs created from secondary produce. The team grew from 2 to over two dozen, and is now owned and run by a majority female and ethnic-minority executive team. We’re a group of multiple minority ethnicities, doing what we can to improve our communities that are disproportionately affected by food waste and access to nutritious options. By 2020, we had expanded across the Bay Area to over 200 offices and 100 retail locations and rescued over 5 million pounds of produce. 

Then, COVID-19 hit. Instead of closing our doors when over half of our customers shut theirs, we diverted half of our manufacturing equipment and materials to producing, packaging, and distributing hand sanitizer to the local community and beyond. We are continuing our sanitization production under the umbrella of our Good Use brand, to further our mission of doing everything in our power to help create a healthier planet and population. 

So whether you’re drinking cold-pressed green juice or using our eco-friendly bulk hand sanitizer, you’re doing something Good, both for yourself and the environment.