Local Bay Area Makers

We’ve partnered with local Bay Area food & beverage makers to bring exciting products directly to your office! We’re adding new products weekly. Support local, sustainable, healthy companies - and get delicious treats delivered in the process!

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Pop and Bottle

At Pop & Bottle, they make superfood almond lattes with no added sugar. Their drinks are 100% plant-based, with no dairy, no added sugars, no carrageenan, no preservatives, and no pesticides. Crafted with just organic almonds, dates, and the finest superfood ingredients.

Pop & Bottle’s creations are not only entirely wholesome, but above all, full of flavor and undeniably delicious.

Thanks a latte for joining our team!

Check our their flavors, story, and website here.



Sparrow is sparkling water infused with organic caffeine. It’s available in any flavor you want, as long as that’s lemon, and in any size you want, as long as that’s 12 ounces.

And when you buy Sparrow, 10% of the proceeds go to local animal charities.

Drink Sparrow, save puppies.

Discover their story, simple ingredients, and love of puppies here.


Petit Pot

Petit Pot is bringing the traditional French dessert, Pot de Crème, to California, and making it with organic, local ingredients.

They blended their knowledge of age-old French pastry practice with modern California culinary flourishes to create the sweet, velvety goodness of crème with the consistency of custard.

Peruse their collection of flavors and plant-based options here.


Renewal Mill

Renewal Mill’s vision is to create a circular economy of food that closes the loop in today’s current supply chain, keeps valuable nutrition from going to waste, and reduces their impact on the environment. They’re also committed to keeping things as naturally wholesome as possible, so their products do not involve any synthetic techniques or unnatural fortification!

Their delicious okara chocolate chip cookies are made with organic okara flour - a tasty, high fiber treat to fuel your afternoon!

Check our their okara-based goodies here.