Why are you called “Good Use”?

Because we’re putting ugly and surplus produce to Good Use! Here at Good Use, we take the ugly produce grocery stores won’t buy and make cold-pressed juice out of them! We produce both raw and cold processed juices. Read more about our mission here.

Where do you source your produce?

We source from some small farms and mostly local food distributors. At times they face challenges of cancelled orders, large minimum quantity purchases from farms, and having produce that they won’t sell due to size, shape, or color imperfections. Based on these criteria, we create flavors every morning that reflect availability.

Is your produce organic?

While most of the produce we use is organic, we do use low-risk conventional produce that is in need of going to good use. While we support sustainable farming methods, a huge amount of water, energy, and soil nutrients goes into growing all food that we believe deserves to be utilized when need be.

Are you associated with Imperfect Produce?

We are two separate companies but do often work together! While Imperfect sources from farms and distributes boxes to households, we source from local farms and distributors to make fresh products for business delivery and retail markets.  

Are you sold in stores? Where can I find you?

We sure are! Our cold-processed juices are available in stores around the Bay Area! If you know of any stores that need Good Use products in their fridges, let us know! Please see our store locator page.

Do you cater events?

We sure do! Shoot us an email answering these questions and we’ll get back to you shortly!

1. A headcount of how many people are in your office.

2. Any information related to allergies we should be aware of.

3. Please get in touch 24 hours in advance of your tasting or event.

4. A date/time that would work best for you!


What are your flavors?

For more information on flavors check out our products page.

How long does the juice last?

Raw juices have a shelf life of 3-5 days. Our bike couriers deliver, stock and organize your fridge. They are fridge stable for 3 days after delivery and “drink by” dates are always printed. If you want to get a larger delivery, splitting up between M/W or T/Th is suggested!

Our cold-processed juices are fridge stable for 45 to 90 days depending on the acidity of the juice. “Drink by” dates are clearly marked on the bottles. Please keep your juices refrigerated.

Where are the nutrition facts on the raw juice?

Because our flavors change everyday based on what’s surplus, seasonal, and “too ugly,” we aren’t able to test and print rigid nutrient facts each morning. We are proud to offer 100% fresh raw cold-pressed juices made with fruits, veggies, and delicious herbs and spices. No processing, no preservatives, no colors, no sweeteners.

What does “Cold-Processed” mean and how is it different from raw juice?

Our cold-processed juices are processed using a technique called High Pressure Processing (also known as cold-processing). Basically each bottle of juice is put in a vessel of cold water and subjected to a high level of isostatic pressure that destroys the bacteria that gives raw juice a shorter shelf life. Check out this awesome diagram to see how HPP works!  Read more about our process here.

Do you offer planned Juice Cleanses?

Nothing as pre-packaged as the more commercialized juice cleanses you typically see, but we have experimented with this for individual customers in the past.

Do you add sugar or preservatives?

Absolutely no sugar or any other ingredients are added to Ugly Juices! They are 100% local, fresh, seasonal, and raw. Each serving is made with over 1.5 pounds of fruits and veggies!

How do you handle the juice pulp?

We work with local organizations that pick it up and drop it off with urban agriculture organizations who use it as compost. We even share some of our pulp with local baking businesses.

Office Subscriptions

How do office juice subscriptions work?

You choose your product type, quantity, day(s) of delivery, and frequency and we stock your fridge accordingly. Billing and fridge stocking is taken care of and you can always adjust or cancel your subscription at anytime. No contracts, no pressure. We typically start off with a 2 week trial where we offer 20% off to see if your team is really enjoying the juice. From there you can decide if it’s something you’d like on a more consistent basis.

How is the juice delivered?

All juices are cold delivered and stocked into refrigerators immediately after juicing. We bike deliver to San Francisco offices and drive to offices along the Peninsula and East Bay.

How often do you deliver? Is there a minimum order amount?

We are flexible with both delivery frequency and quantities. We’ll work with your budget and schedule to create the perfect juice order for your office size. We deliver daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to our customers. As long as it’s a business day, you can get juice!