Good Use Sanitizer

3-Liter Eco-Friendly Hand Sanitizer (101 oz)

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1 week lead time from order confirmation 

  • Eco-friendly cardboard dispensers.
  • Liquid sanitizer premium pH balanced formula that is mild on skin.
  • Exceeds USDA efficacy guidelines for E3 hand sanitizers.
  • 70% alcohol - meets CDC requirements for hand sanitizers.
  • Integrated spout for quick and easy dispensing. 
  • Compact 3L boxes for convenient handling.
  • Shipping Weight: 5.4 lbs

About the price

Thank you for your interest in our hand sanitizer product. Please note that this packaging was created with the goal of generating very short lead times for processing and delivery. 

If longer lead time is acceptable to you, please call us at 206-553-9098 for additional options that are lower in cost but longer in lead time. Thank you for supporting small business and we hope you enjoy the product. Stay safe!