Cold-Processed Juice

You know that orange juice you get at the store, sweet and fluorescent? That's not what our cold-pressured juice is like at all. We use barometric pressure to kill off anything unhealthy and leaves behind all those lovely natural vitamins and minerals our ugly fruits and veggies left behind.

We know you love the way we source sustainably and that hasn't changed for our cold-processed juices. Our three go-to flavors are made with the same ugly and surplus produce you expect when you drink Good Use waste fighting juice!

If Looks Could Kale

If Looks Could Kale

Crowd pleasing flavor with the green juice health appeal. Notes of red and green apples mix with leafy greens and a light ginger spice. This refreshing blend will keep drinkers coming back for more.

Green HPP Recipe - Nutrition Label.jpg
One in a Melon

One in a Melon

Summer in a bottle. The watermelon and cucumber base provides a clean flavor, while green apple combines to add a pleasant tartness that appeals to the sweet juice drinker (and works incredibly well as a cocktail mixer).

Fruit HPP Recipe - Nutrition Label.jpg
Beet waste

Beet Waste

This is the health-centric juice drinker’s go-to flavor. Initial notes of root finish with a slightly sweet aftertaste of orange and grape. Great source of vitamin B6 and good for balancing high blood-pressure.

Beet HPP Recipe - Nutrition Label.jpg

We also deliver raw juice to offices and events in the Bay Area! Read more here :)