Good Use Juice x Imperfect Produce!

Hey Bay Area!!

We’re excited to announce that Good Use juices will be available in ALL Bay Area Imperfect Produce boxes starting on June 24th…TODAY! Now, you can have juice delivered straight to your door.

Celery-brate our launch!

Join the party and celerybrate because we’re introducing our green juice, “If Looks Could Kale”, into Bay Area Imperfect Produce Boxes. In case you haven’t been lucky enough to try “If Looks Could Kale”, it is a kale, Fuji apple, celery, ginger, spinach and lime juice. All ingredients have been put to good use as the juice is made entirely of ugly and surplus produce. Since launching our retail flavors in Bay Area stores, “If Looks Could Kale” has been a fan favorite. The blend appeals to many, including, but not limited to, people who love their juice green, gingery, or sweet.                                     

Keep an eye out for the launch of our expanding product line in Imperfect Produce boxes soon!


We’re Going Full Circle with Imperfect

It’s so easy to add Good Use Juice to your Imperfect order…just click the (+)!

It’s so easy to add Good Use Juice to your Imperfect order…just click the (+)!

At our in-store tastings (find your nearest store), the two most common questions we receive are, “do you deliver?” and “are you associated with Imperfect?”. Previously, we had to say no, but now the answers are YES and YES!

When we founded Good Use in 2016, around the same time as the launch of Imperfect Produce, we sourced many of our cosmetically disadvantaged fruits and veggies from IP’s warehouse. As we expanded and began delivering juice to over 200 corporate kitchens and 100 retail accounts via bike messenger (read more about our bike delivery here), we outgrew Imperfect Produce’s warehouse and now source from similar channels.

We work with local Bay Area farms and organizations to obtain fresh, cosmetically disadvantaged and surplus produce. Putting that produce to good use helps keep beautifully ugly produce out of landfills. We are thrilled to find ourselves partnering again with Imperfect Produce by offering our juices as an item in their boxes. So, make sure to order “If Looks Could Kale” today!

Drink Juice, Fight Waste!

We're on a mission to reduce food waste by creatively sourcing ugly and surplus fresh produce and putting it to good use! Every time you drink one of our juices, you’re joining in the fight against food waste by rescuing two to four pounds of produce that would have otherwise been thrown away. To this day, Good Use has saved over 1 million pounds of cosmetically challenged produce from being wasted.

Nearly 50% of fruits and veggies are tossed between farm and table in the United States due to cosmetic imperfections and system inefficiencies (i.e. surplus produce). With the help of companies like Imperfect Produce and many recent news publications, people are growing to understand why food waste is such a problem worldwide. We would like to take the time to thank you all for helping us fight food waste through drinking delicious juice and eating ugly produce :)

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