A Letter from our CEO: Welcome to Good Use


The past few months have been a whirlwind as we’ve been rebranding (and re-naming) Ugly Juice to Good Use. We can’t wait to share our rebrand process, growth and new brand with you all. But first, here is a letter from Grant, our CEO about our two big announcements!

Like all good businesses, Ugly Juice started as a problem solving idea. We knew thousands of pounds of produce go to waste everyday and also knew nutritious cold-pressed juice was too expensive for many consumers. We dreamt about how far we could take a juice business centered around reducing food waste and educating people. We asked ourselves: Because our “ugly” produce changed so often, would the charm of the mission wear off because customers couldn’t buy their favorite recipe again and again? Would it be too preachy? Could we even make juice well enough to compete with the amazing companies surrounding us in San Francisco? Did we know enough about really….anything in business well enough to keep the company afloat?

More than any other question, there was one that was most important to us. Why not? If we didn’t try, we’d never be able to answer those questions and I’m glad as hell we did. 

As time has gone along, we as co-founders have grown & learned a ton. We’ve been extremely lucky to recruit a team of amazing people, who we’ve watched grow as well. Beyond all of us, the ambitions of the company have grown as well. From an experiment in a kitchen to diverting thousands of pounds of produce each week from a landfill, the company needs to serve a bigger purpose than healthy fresh juice in offices alone.

That’s why I’m excited to make two big announcements to kick start this new year. The first is that we’re changing our name from Ugly Juice to Good Use Foods, or Good Use for short. We’ll still be making Ugly Juice, but we’re creating this parent name to give the company the freedom to expand beyond cold-pressed juice alone and make a deeper impact on the massive amount of food waste in our country. 

The second thing that’s happening is we’re launching our juice in stores for the first time ever. This has been a long time in the making, and we’re so g-dang excited to have our product on shelves for anyone to buy. We’re launching three delicious and healthy flavors next week and we’ll be announcing the stores as our juices make it to their new homes.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over these last two and a half years, Happy New Year, we hope you stick with us in this next stage!


Grant Carlson

CEO & Co-founder, Good Use Foods



Our first round of Good Use Cold-Processed juice is on it’s way out!!

Pictured: Grant (CEO), Slava (COO), Ryan (Dir. of Op.)

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