Which Baseball Player Holds the Most Juice?

...hint: MLB player, Mark Melancon holds a whole lot of juice. In fact, he drinks so much juice that he opted to make a video with us. Check out his motivational speech to a whole lot of unique players. 

We've loved working with Mark and his family over the past couple of months and are so excited to see Mark back on the field! And he's killing it!

Full script: 

We've got a misfit bunch here. As individuals, you've been ridiculed and rejected because you simply look funny.


Thanks for taking us out to the ballgame!

We had an awesome time at the game for our UJ team outing :) We even brought orange juice to celebrate!

You're a little too small

You're a little bent out of shape

You. You're a little too round

I know you're beautiful on the inside. If you're a little bruised or not necessarily in high demand. I know we can come together and do something really amazing. 

Now get out there. Give it everything you've got. Impress me. Impress yourselves. Press every last drop.

[Juice delivered by Pros]

Shot & Directed by Joshua Kates