San Francisco Bike Delivery

If you live in San Francisco, you understand the rush hour gridlock and chances are, you've found yourself parked a little farther uphill than you'd like. We get it. What if there was a way to skirt past the traffic, increase efficiency and save a bunch of emissions...

For us, the decision to use bike couriers instead of delivery vans in San Francisco was two-fold. First, it made sense for the environment (did you know that every 10 minutes a car spends idling, it emit a pound of CO2 into the atmosphere?). Second, bike deliveries allow us to avoid the frustrating traffic, make significantly more deliveries per hour and hire the coolest bike couriers in the Bay (seriously, they're the best). 

After juicing ugly and surplus fruits and veggies throughout the night, our couriers load up their trailers and deliver juice to San Francisco offices. One of my favorite parts of the morning is walking into the office and seeing the loaded trailers and happy couriers. Tyler is one of our OG couriers. We know Tyler (the happy "guy with the dreads") has arrived when we hear his speaker pumping and cheerful "hallo". If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Tyler, you're missing out! 

Our couriers truly are the embodiment of the Ugly Juice brand. For some neat courier shots, check out our video here (or down below)! The video was shot and edited by Josh Kates and the Austen Pruett made the soundtrack! And guess what? They're both UJ couriers! 

Opting for bike delivery in San Francisco allows us to fulfill our mission to reduce waste. It is important to us that we work to reduce every type of "waste". That includes reducing emissions to using 100% recyclable packaging to using produce that is traditionally tossed. We encourage you to reduce waste at home and at work too...check out our blog post for some simple tips to reduce food waste at home

As we've been in business, we've discovered that sustainable decisions make sense not only from an environmental perspective, but also a business perspective. Whether it's building relationships with sustainable produce and packaging sources, producing juice to order, or using bikes for delivery in San Francisco, it all makes sense. 

Ugly Juice